About Me

Hedge Druidry as a contemporary Druid path is a nature based solitary spiritual practice with roots in Celtic history and lore. It offers a balance between acting upon the freedom to discover what Druidry is for the individual whilst sharing core values and principles that give shape to Hedge Druidry as a philosophy.

While rather eclectic in my approach (as I have no ties to any particular organization, grove, brother/sisterhood, etc. ), I possess a direct lineage via the enfleshed lore and lessons of the Three Kindreds.

My Temple is the Earth. My sanctuary is the Forest's deep. My Deities are the Archetypes with a thousand faces. I know only powers or personifications of natural forces acting upon human life in various ways. My Guides are the Ancestors, animals, insects, flora, fauna, and Spirits of place. my cloak is the flesh that envelopes our true being. My Grimoire is Nature itself. My library is found within the etheric records of the Cosmos.

I light the Sacred Fire to gaze upon at midnight beneath She of the White Round. I listen to the secrets of the Spirits in Deep Wooded Places as carried by the voice of the wind. I plant my Staffs betwix field, forest, and waters edge. I follow the Dragon's tracks within and without, for the lessons I learn are often given in an unbridled fashion.

I divine with cards, roots, stones, bones, and other natural and unnatural effigies. I read the signs and omens of the Earth, and am a keeper of her sacred and cunning knowledge.